Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog Post #15 Final Reflection

Part 1

Since Blog Post #1, I've chosen to change my major from Math to Spanish, but I think a lot of the same technologies and tools can apply. While I'll continue to encourage group work and perhaps even SMART board technology, there are a lot of tools and technologies I've learned about over the course of this semester that I would incorporate into my future classroom. Of course, I will definitely have my students keep up blogs. They could submit their writing assignments on their blogs and comment on each other's posts. I could also post assignments to a class blog that they check every day.

I will also definitely use Skype as a supplementary tool. I could use video calls with native Spanish speakers to show my students what a native Spanish speaker sounds like, and the speaker could also tell my students about some aspects of the Spanish culture! When learning a foreign language, hearing it spoken by native speakers is extremely important because it helps you get a better grasp on the intonation and pronunciation of words. Another tool I will use is the green screen. Green screens are so fun to use, and the possibilities are endless. I could have my class pretend they were in a Spanish-speaking country, and they could act like they were tour guides and show us around the country.

Part 2

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