Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog Post #15 Final Reflection

Part 1

Since Blog Post #1, I've chosen to change my major from Math to Spanish, but I think a lot of the same technologies and tools can apply. While I'll continue to encourage group work and perhaps even SMART board technology, there are a lot of tools and technologies I've learned about over the course of this semester that I would incorporate into my future classroom. Of course, I will definitely have my students keep up blogs. They could submit their writing assignments on their blogs and comment on each other's posts. I could also post assignments to a class blog that they check every day.

I will also definitely use Skype as a supplementary tool. I could use video calls with native Spanish speakers to show my students what a native Spanish speaker sounds like, and the speaker could also tell my students about some aspects of the Spanish culture! When learning a foreign language, hearing it spoken by native speakers is extremely important because it helps you get a better grasp on the intonation and pronunciation of words. Another tool I will use is the green screen. Green screens are so fun to use, and the possibilities are endless. I could have my class pretend they were in a Spanish-speaking country, and they could act like they were tour guides and show us around the country.

Part 2

Thursday, May 2, 2013

C4K Summary for April

C4K #1

My first C4K assignment for April was to read a post by Jessica R who is in Mr. Boylen's class. Her post was about what students gain from blogging with students and others outside of her school. Jessica answered that blogging helps students learn to use correct grammar. She said that blogging is worth the time because it allows students to meet new people and learn new things about different people and places.

In my comment, I said that I agreed with her. You can learn so much from blogging. It helps you improve your writing skills, and it allows you to connect with people all over the world.

C4K #2

Nolan S For my second C4K, I read Nebraska post by Nolan S. Nolan is a 4th grader at a school in Nebraska. In his post, he tells us about his home state. He says that Nebraska doesn't have any mountains, and that Nebraska invented 911. The state bird is the meadowlark, and the state tree is the Cottonwood tree. He tells us the state flag and flower, as well! Lastly, he tells us that the state beverage is milk because the diary industry is important in Nebraska.

I commented that Nebraska sounded like a cool place to live, and that I had no clue that 911 was invented there. I proceeded to tell him a few facts about Alabama, like our state bird is the Yellowhammer and our state tree is the Longleaf Pine.

C4K #3

For my third C4K, I read Easter Holiday Writing by Jai, who is a grade four student in Mrs. Morris' class in Australia! In his post, Jai tells us about the camping trip he took to Ballarat, Austrlia during his Easter holiday. He explains that his mother scattered eggs everywhere for him to find, but he didn't get to find all of them because the kangaroos took some of them! For Easter dinner, he says that he had turkey. When he got home from the camping trip, he rode his bike around on a trail in a wildlife sanctuary. He even posted a photo of one of the kangaroos from his trip:

Kangaroo from Jai's trip

I told him that I couldn't believe kangaroos stole some of his Easter eggs! I explained that I had an Easter egg hunt with my family, too, and that it was really fun. I complimented him on his post and told him I hope he'll have fun blogging.

Project #13 Using Collaborative Tools

In order to prepare for our final project, my group, The Legion of Doom, used email to communicate, and we held a Google Hangout session to discuss our ideas for our final project. The above video was recorded during our Google Hangout session, and I used Screenr to record it. As you can see, in our Hangout, some of our group members had difficulties staying connected, which could have been because of their internet connection. Next time, I would suggest we discuss our project through a Skype call, since it isn't really necessary to see each other during the discussion, in my opinion. Plus, a Skype call might have better audio quality and allow us to hear each other better.